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Diagnostic previous to the design of a network of medium-sized university campuses: An improvement to the methodology of Santillán-Lima
Juan Carlos Santillán-Lima, Fernando Molina-Granja, Washington Luna-Encalada and Raúl Lozada-Yanez
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Digital Media Ecosystem: A Core Component Analysis According to Expert Judgment
Gabriel Saltos
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Cost system for small livestock farmers
Jasleidy Astrid Prada Segura and Liyid Yoresy López Parra
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Proposal of a real time microservice architecture applied to business intelligence for the financial sector.
Tatiana Muñoz and Mauricio Espinoza
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Monitoring tool to improve strategic and operational planning processes in universities
Walter Zambrano-Romero, Edisson Solórzano-Solórzano, Mauricio Quimiz-Moreira, Maria Soledad Azua-Campos and Miguel Rodríguez-Veliz
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Guser-AG: Roblox video game on safety tips focused on grooming prevention, aimed at children and adolescents.
Brenda Astrid Landa Contreras and Ana Teresa Morales Rodríguez
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Systematic Mapping of Literature about the Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease through the use of Video Games
Leidy Viviana Cortes Carvajal, María Camila Castiblanco Castro, Laura Daniela Lasso Arciniegas and César Pardo
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ROBOFERT: Human – Robot Advanced Interface for Robotic Fertilization Process.
Christyan Cruz Ulloa, Anne Krus, Guido Torres Llerena, Antonio Barrientos, Jaime del Cerro and Constantino Valero
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Effects of virtual reality and music therapy on academic stress reduction using a mobile application
Cristian Cabezas Fernández, Alexander Arcos Gómez, José Luis Carrillo Medina and Ivone Arias Almeida
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Comparative Study of Academic Performance in the 2018 PISA Test in Latin America
Eda Vasquez-Anaya, Lucero Mogrovejo-Torres, Vanessa Aliaga-Ahuanari and Ivan Iraola-Real
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Performance Evaluation of Teaching of the Professional School of Education of a Private University of Peru
Ivan Iraola-Real, Elvis Gonzales Choquehuanca, Gustavo Villar-Mayuntupa, Fernando Alvarado Rojas and Hugo Del Rosario
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Teaching Of Mathematics Using Digital Tools Through The Flipped Classroom: Systematization Of Experiences In Elementary Education
Roxana Zuñiga-Quispe, Yesbany Cacha-Nuñez and Ivan Iraola-Real
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External Factors and their Impact on Satisfaction with Virtual Education in Peruvian University Students
Ysabel Anahí Oyardo Ruiz, Leydi Elizabeth Enciso-Suarez and Ivan Iraola-Real
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Assessing Digital Competencies of Students in the Fifth Cycle of Primary Education: A Diagnostic Study in the Context of Covid-19
Yesbany Cacha Nuñez, Roxana Zuñiga Quispe and Ivan Iraola-Real
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Can Primary School Children Be Digital Learners? A Peruvian Case Study On Teaching With Digital Tool
Gisela Chapa-Pazos, Estrella Cotillo-Galindo and Ivan Iraola-Real
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Intelligent Systems

An Interface for Audio Control Using Gesture Recognition and IMU Data
Victor Vimos, Leonardo Valdivieso, Lorena Barona, David Pozo and Marco Benalcázar
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Advantages of Machine Learning in networkingmonitoring systems to size Network appliances and identify incongruences in Data Networks
Anthony J. Bustamante, Niskarsha Ghimire, Preet Rajesh, Arpit Pokharel and Victor E. Irekponor
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Design of the process for methane-methanol at soft conditions applied to selection the best descriptors for periodic structures using artificial intelligence.
Josue Lozada, Edilso Reguera and Carlos Aguirre
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Machine Vision

System for Troubleshooting in Welding Printed Circuit Boards with Through Hole Technology Using Convolutional Neuronal Networks and Classic Computer Vision Techniques
Miguel Angel Quiroz Martinez and Alberto Santiago Ramírez Farfán
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Security Techniques in Communications Networks Applied to the Custody of Digital Evidence
Juan Carlos Santillán-Lima, Perkins Perkins Haro-Parra, Washington Luna-Encalada, Raúl Lozada-Yanez and Fernando Molina-Granja
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Information cybersecurity mechanisms in public hospital patients in Ecuador.
Mauricio Quimiz Moreira, Walter Zambrano Romero, Cesar Moreira Zambrano, Maritza Mendoza Zambrano and Emilio Cedeño Palma
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Technology Trends

A Blockchain-Based Approach for Issuing Health Insurance Contracts and Claims
Julio C. Mendoza-Tello, Tatiana Mendoza-Tello and Jenny Villacís-Ramón
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Implementation and analysis of the results of the application of the methodology for hybrid multi-cloud replication systems
Diego Paúl Rodríguez Alvarado and Erwin Jairo Sacoto Cabrera
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Software Regression Testing in Industrial Settings: Preliminary Findings from a Literature Review
Raúl Hernán Rosero Miranda, Omar S. Gómez, Eduardo Villa, Raúl A. Aguilar Vera and César Pardo
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Simulation of the physicochemical properties of anatase TiO2 with oxygen vacancies and doping of different elements for photocatalysis processes.
Heraclio Heredia-Ureta, Ana E. Torres, Edilso F. Reguera and Carlos I. Aguirre-Vélez
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Edgar Maya Olalla, Camilo Nogales Romero, Marcelo Zambrano, Hector D Cadena-Lema, Hernán Mauricio Domínguez-Limaico and Carlos Vásquez Ayala
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Integration of administrative records for social protection policies – A systematic literature review of cases in the Latin American and Caribbean region
Yasmina Vizuete, Miguel Flores, Ana Belén Cabezas, Lisette Zambrano and Andrés Vinueza
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